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History-for-Kids YouTube Channel
August 29, 2018
Hello History fans,

Great news!

Our website has just launched a fantastic new YouTube channel, and we would like to invite you to subscribe.

Subscribing is completely free – all you have to do is visit the channel's homepage and click on the red “subscribe” button.

(You will need to sign into YouTube with your own account, which is also free, first.)

Subscribing to our channel just means that YouTube will remember that you enjoy our videos, and whenever you log into YouTube in the future, any new videos we create will be more likely to appear on your recommendations list.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be producing videos of all our most popular educational poems. These are ideal for the classroom, or for anyone who has children who like to have a little fun while they are learning.

Please do subscribe – it tells us that you like what we are doing, and that we should carry on doing it.

Thank you.

Paul Perro

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