Greek Gods

Here is a collection of fun and educational poems about the Ancient Greek Gods, by Paul Perro.

The Ancient Greeks worshipped many gods and demi-gods, but the most famous were the 12 who lived on Mount Olympus (The "Olympians") plus Hades, who lived in the underworld. 

The gods often intervened in the lives of mortals, and many Greek myths include them.

A few of the gods were noble and heroic, but many of them were violent, petty, spiteful, and thoroughly unlikeable.


Poems about the Greek Gods 
by Paul Perro


Zeus was the king of the gods,
And also the god of the sky.
He liked to hurl thunder bolts
At mortals passing by.


Queen of the gods was Hera.
Zeus had reason to fear her -
She was jealous, the story says,
And got cross with his naughty ways.


Poseidon, brother of Zeus -
He was god of the seas.
For Greeks who lived near water
He was the god to please.


Ruler of the land of the dead,
Owned a dog with more than one head,
And a gold chariot - beautifully constructed.
He also had a wife, whom he had abducted.


Son of Zeus and his queen,
Savage, violent, selfish, mean;
Ares - god of war.
What was he good for? *


Ah, the lovely Aphrodite,
Daughter of Zeus the mighty,
Well...perhaps...not all agree.
Some she she came from the sea.
Either way, she was a cutie,
Goddess of love and beauty.


So young, and yet so wise,
He drove his chariot across the skies,
Every day bringing up the sun.
Apollo was loved by everyone.


Goddess of the moon,
Twin sister to Apollo,
She loved her dogs, she loved to hunt,
With her bow and arrow.


Demeter was the goddess of
The harvest and fertility,
Which, even for a goddess, was
A big responsibility.


Messenger of the gods,
Mischievous and clever,
And also one of the best
Negotiators ever.


Aphrodite was prettier,
Hera was meaner,
But nobody was cleverer,
Than the wise Athena.


Goddess of the hearth,
And domesticity,
She had a sacred flame burning
In every Greek city.


The blacksmith god, he was adept
With hammer, anvil, bellows.
Apparently he was one of
The strangest looking fellows.

I hope you like these little rhymes
I've told to you today.
There are more gods, but, for now,
That's all I have to say.

* - absolutely nothing.

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