The Anglo Saxons
A poem by JLA Dinning, KS2

When the Romans left Britain
In 410 AD
Others came to visit
From across the North Sea.
Angles and Jutes from Denmark,
Saxons were German and Dutch.
They decided that they would stay
Because they liked it so much.

They were farmers, sailors,
Blacksmiths, and weavers.
They were not Christian folk,
They were Pagan god believers.

Their houses were “wattle and daub”,
Sticks and mud, or manure.
I know that sounds unlikely
But I checked it and I’m sure.
I saw it on a documentary
That was on a telly.
It said sometimes their houses
Used to get quite smelly.

Wessex, Kent, Mercia,
East Anglia, Northumbria,
Each one had a king,
He was called a “cyning”.

One famous king called Offa
Build a wall called “Offa’s Dyke.”
It’s still around today,
So you can see it, if you like.

There was a king called Alfred,
He was strong and wise and clever.
Known as “Alfred the Great” he was
Our only Great king ever.


Ethelred the Unready was
The worst king ever known.
He fell out with the Vikings  and
They came and took the throne.

The story of Beowulf
Was told around the fire,
Sometimes there was music,
Played upon a lyre.
Beowulf kills Grendel and
The monster’s mother too.
The story is a myth, though,
Which means it is not true. 

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