Dinosaurs for Kids
Fun poem by Paul Perro

This Poem about Dinosaurs for Kids, was written in 2008 by the British writer Paul Perro. We hope you enjoy it.

This is a fun poem, written to make the child smile, but it also contains some interesting and educational facts as well. It introduces the names of some of the best known dinosaurs, as well as mention of their diets, their tiny brains, and the fact that all that remains now are fossils.

When you have finished the poem please scroll down a little further to find a few more facts which we think you and your child will find interesting, and enable you to continue the discussion.

Dinosaur Poem
by Paul Perro

I've never seen a real dinosaur.
There are none around any more.
They lived in prehistoric time,
Let's learn about them in this rhyme.

Cute Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs all had tiny brains
But they all had ginormous names.
Triceratops, brontosaurus,
Velociraptor, stegosaurus.
Pterodactyl (with a silent "p"),
Ichthyothaur, that thwam in the thea,
And there was the Iguanodon -
That one had a spike for a thumb.

The big tyrannosaurus rex
Was very scary, one suspects.
It had a lot of big sharp teeth,
And a *ROAR* that defied belief.

Most dinosaurs liked plants to eat
Some preferred the taste of meat.
But none of them ate chocolate
It had not been invented yet.

Dinosaurs did not eat candy
And actually, this was quite handy;
Candy causes teeth to rot,
And dinosaurs had such a lot.

I really wish that I could get
A dinosaur to be my pet.
I would take him to school one day
And everyone would run away.

This won't happen, I realize,
Dinosaurs all met their demise.
Fossils are all that's left, it seems,
And you can see them in museums.

Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

  • Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, in the time period that geologists call the Mesozoic Era. This ran from about 248 million years ago to 65 million years ago. It is made up of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

  • Dinosaurs all had 4 limbs. Some walked on all fours but others walked on 2 legs and used the other 2 limbs as arms.

  • They all had tails. Some used them for balance, some as a weapon. The ankylosaur had two huge lumps of bone at the ends of their tails, which they swung at their enemies like a club.

  • The biggest dinosaurs were the plant-eating sauropods, such as the Brachiosaurus.

  • Dinosaurs laid eggs.

  • The fastest dinosaurs were probably "Ostrich-dinosaurs" and they could probably run at 70mph.

  • Some experts think the Tyrannosaurus Rex could run very fast indeed, others think it was not even as fast as a human sprinter.

  • The reptiles that lived in the sea or flew in the air were not really dinosaurs.

  • No one knows for sure what colour dinosaurs were.

  • Most people think that the dinosaurs became extinct after a giant meteorite hit the earth 65 million years ago. Scientists found a huge crater under the sea off the coast of Mexico, which could be where it hit.

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