The Golden Touch of King Midas

This fun and lively poem for kids was written in 2014 by British children's writer Paul Perro.

The story of good King Midas and his unfortunate wish that was granted by the gods, is one of the most famous of all the Greek Myths.

Everybody loves gold, and Midas, it seems, loved it more than most people.  Clearly though, he did not think through the consequences of his wish. It was obvious what was going to happen, wasn't it? 

Silly Midas.

The Golden Touch of King Midas
A poem for kids by Paul Perro


One day King Midas, out walking,
Met the god Dionysus,
Who told Midas there was something
He wanted to discuss.

He said, "I hear you’re a good king,
I hear that you're adored.
So I would like to give you a
Very special reward.

To say thank you for being such a
Decent and honourable king,
I’m going to grant you one wish,
You can wish for anything."

The King was thrilled, and he replied,
"Well, thank you very much!
I would like to turn into gold
Everything that I touch."

Dionysus replied, "Okay,
It shall be as you say."
And with those words each of them
Went their separate way.

Before too long King Midas saw
A beautiful purple flower.
He thought "This would be a good thing
On which to test my new power".

Excited, he reached out his hand.
He touched it, and lo and behold,
The beautiful purple flower
Turned into solid gold.

He touched a tree, a rock, a twig,
And they all transformed too.
The King could hardly believe it,
His great wish had really come true.

Back home at his royal palace,
King Midas carried on.
He turned some furniture to gold
He thought it was great fun.

Feeling hungry, he got some food,
And put on the kettle.
But these things, of course, also turned
Into precious metal.

"Oh dear" he thought, "I think perhaps
I need a little rest."
He lay down on his bed but...well…
You've probably already guessed.

That’s right, the mattress turned to gold,
As soon as King Midas lay down.
"A mattress made of gold is not
Comfortable" he thought with a frown.

"With all this gold I surely am
Exceptionally wealthy.
But I can't eat or sleep and that
Surely can’t be healthy. "

Just then, into the room ran Zoe,
The King's youngest daughter.
She ran up to him and kissed him,
Before he could thwart her.

The King gasped in horror as she
Turned into a golden statue.
Wailing, he cried out to the gods
"Please save her! I beg of you!"

Dionysus appeared, and
Made everything as it was before.
I guess the moral of the tale is,
Be careful what you wish for.

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