Here is a modern and lively poem about the escaped gladiator Spartacus and his struggle against the Romans.

The name of Spartacus has lived on for centuries, and he is remembered today in books, movies and TV shows, as the man who stood up for the oppressed and took on the oppressors.

We hope that you enjoy this poem, but please be aware that the subject matter makes it unsuitable for very young children.

A poem for kids by Paul Perro

He was a soldier, then a slave,
Who famously led a revolt.
Spartacus took on the Romans,
And gave them quite a jolt.

It was while he was in training
In a school for gladiators -
laves forced to fight with each other
In the Roman amphitheatres.

None of these slaves wanted to die
A violent death in the coliseum
So when Spartacus did escape
He decided he would free ‘em.

The escapees travelled around
Freeing slaves in other regions
Most gave their thanks and joined the ranks.
Together they fought off Roman legions.

The Romans sent a general
Named Crassus on a mission.
He was clever and he was tough
And he was quite a tactician.

So Crassus marched with his army
To take on the slave army, and
After a few battles
The Romans had the upper hand.

So Spartacus and his army
Went south, until they reached the sea.
Once there they asked some pirates to
Take them to Sicily.

Unfortunately however,
The pirates betrayed them.
They did not give the slaves the ships
Even though they’d paid them.

The slaves were finally defeated
At The Battle of Siler River
Spartacus himself was killed
And the revolt crushed forever.

The battle was very bloody
And most of the slave army died.
More than 6000 prisoners
Were caught and crucified.

Today Spartacus is known as
A man of valour and conviction,
Even though his revolt ended
In defeat and crucifixion.

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