Tudor Kings and Queens
poems for children by Paul Perro

The Tudors were the ruling dynasty of England beween 1485 and 1603.

They came to power after decades of unrest known as the War of the Roses, in which two rival familes fought for the throne. 

The Tudor period included many of the most famous and colourful characters in English history - Shakespeare, Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh - and perhaps the most notorious ever monarchs King Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I.

This collection of poems by Paul Perro serves as a great introduction to the Tudor kings and queens.  We hope you enjoy it. 

Henry VII

The Tudors were a family
Of whom, I'm sure, you've heard.
They came to power when Henry
Deposed Richard III.
He wed Elizabeth of York,
Who was Richard's relation,
Which united both families and
Brought peace to the nation.
While Henry was the king there was
Peace and Stability,
But greed and penny-pinching almost
Bankrupt the nobility.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII had six wives
But not at the same time.
Even in 1500
Bigamy was a crime.
He was a ruthless king,
Rather Fond of execution.
He shut down many monestries,
during "The Dissolution".
If there's a ruined monestry
Near to your home town
There is a good chance that it was
Henry who knocked it down.

Edward VI

Young Edward became king when he
Was aged just 9 years old.
His uncles ran the country
Edward did as he was told.
He was ill a lot, he went through
Many handkerchiefs.
He fought with his sister over
Her religious beliefs.

Lady Jane Grey

No monarch's reign was shorter
Than Lady Jane Grey's.
She was Queen of England
For just 9 days.

Mary I

Like her mother, Catherine,
Mary was a Catholic.
She really hated protestants
They really made her sick.
For protestants back then,
Times were really scary.
She killed so many of them that
They called her "Bloody Mary".

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth was 25
When she became the queen -
Quite young, but one of the best rulers
England's ever seen.
Famous for her fine clothes,
Her white skin, and red hair,
Her reign was called a "golden age"
But when she died she left no heir.

Facts About the Tudors

  • Henry Tudor became King Henry VII when he defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, ending the Wars of the Roses. 
  • Henry VIII succeeded his father to the throne.  He was ruthless king who famously had six wives - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleeves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr.  Henry executed two of his wives, and his divorce from his first wife led to England's split from the Catholic church.
  • Edward VI was Henry's only son, and he died when he was only 15 and did not leave an heir.
  • Lady Jane Grey was Henry VII's great granddaughter.  Edward VI had named her his successor because he wanted to prevent his Catholic sister Mary from becoming queen, but the plan failed and Lady Jane had to abdicate after just 9 days. She was later executed.
  • Mary I was determined to make England a Catholic country, and executed so many Protestants that she was known as Bloody Mary.
  • Elizabeth I was Mary's sister, and Henry VIII's youngest daughter.  She was an effective ruler, and her reign is often called "The Golden Age".  She never had any children though, so she was the last Tudor monarch. 


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